Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Plates for a New Place

I know I'm going on about it but I have never had a place that has been entirely mine.  I have lived on my own for shortish periods but in other peoples homes.  So I had a 9 month period on my own at my parents place in Yorkshire where they came back every other weekend or so but it was never my place.  This time I am renting something that only I will live in and I will be in on my own.

I went shopping today for things for my new place and it was the start of the sale at House of Fraser so I got some fab things.

I bought crockery, cutlery, glasses (wine, champagne & tumblers), kitchen essentials (peeler, bottle opener etc) some knives (reduced by 50%), linens and bedding all in in the sale.

The best bargain were the sheets reduced from £120 to £30 yep that's right I will be sleeping on 500 thread count egyptian cotton sheets - lovely.

I also bought some really girly crockery (since when has this been called tablewear?)  it's Denby by Monsoon and was all 20% off, I got the dinner plates:

And these salad plates:

and these bowls:

They are pretty and nothing we would ever have at home so it lets me have something girly and lovely.  The dinner plates were £8 but I got 20% off so £6.40 isn't bad.

I then went to the supermarket (actually to get an easter egg for The Boy but they didn't have the one he wanted in) and bought some cleaning supplies and other basics.

Just need some food and I will be set to go.  Looking forward to it.


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