Monday, 9 July 2012

Crafty little things

Busy Sunday seeing & trying out my new over locker - how did I manage without one????

Here are the fruits of my labour

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Happy 6 month birthday Goose

I almost forgot.....Happy 6 month Birthday Goose - blimey you've got so big.

Sunday sunday

I've drank coffee, eaten sausage sandwiches, sorted through holiday photos, chatted on FB and Twitter and pottered around Pinterest........and so now I must do something.

Unpack, sort out front room, finish sewing projects, clean fun fun.

Just another cup of coffee and then I'll begin*.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Catching Up

Blimey 3 months really...whoops.

Well I'm back.  Just back from a week in France with my parents, Pepsi and the dog (Goose).  Lovely relaxed week with good food, wine and company.  It was the blues festival in Cognac so we had a great night out listening to live music in the town centre.

Back to reality, I have had a good few months.  Took a three year contact as HRD at a lovely central London location - big job, hard work but going to be fun I think.

Learned Crochet at the Make lounge and went to a class at The School of Life, went to the V&A with the lovely little brown bird for a feb evening (followed by dirty food and cocktails at The Diner).

Back to work on Monday but going to spend the day tomorrow sewing and pottering (and eating the sponge cake I just made during the rain delay in the mends doubles final).

I'm back at fat club, and back on here.

Once more into the breach.


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