Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Time at the Folks

I am at my parents house in France, I am in a constant state of booziness thanks to Dad and warm fuzzines thanks to Mum and so very relaxed.  We managed to do some shopping during our stop over in Paris and have spent today doing very little.  Tomorrow we are off to Hennessy in Cognac for a private tour so perhaps just one or two more Gins then bed.  A Bien Tot mes amis xx

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

It's going to be a busy few days doing very little so Merry Christmas everyone - hope you have a lovely relaxing time enjoying friends and family and festive fun.

Mwah Mwah


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

We are the fortunate ones

the Brothers Christmas 07

It all got a bit fractious yesterday with The Brothers plans for Christmas thrown into chaos by the Eurostar debacle and M&D trying not to put any pressure on them or to be too disappointed that the boys may not make it to France for Christmas.  There was a lot of phone calls, text and twitter watch to see whether the boys had a chance of getting there. The upshot is they are in a queue at St Pancras as I type hoping to get on a train this morning so they can get their connection South.

At some point during all the chaos Mum and I had a conversation that made us both stop and think.  We were watching the news (in our different houses in different countries) and a report came on showing the coffins returning to Wootton Bassett of soldiers who had been killed in action.  It's so very very sad and gets me every time.  Mum said - 'oh I'm being so silly and selfish at least I know where my children are and that they are safe, the mum's of all these soldiers would love to be so lucky'.

We are the fortunate ones, we are safe and healthy and okay; so our celebrations may be delayed due to train chaos but we will be together and we know where each of us are.

I know that this time of year it seems that Charities are all asking for your support, if you do have some pennies to spare then please consider this fantastic charity - it's not about supporting or agreeing with the War it's about supporting those serving.  Help for Heroes.

In the meantime my thoughts are with the families of the fallen, We Will Remember.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My other shoes of choice

I am having a bit of a trainer moment; I love my trainers and spend a lot of time in them when not at work.  The Boy also really likes trainers so it's something we agree on.  Anyway the point is that in the last few weeks I have managed to get hold of a few limited edition collaboration pairs and am happy happy.

The first are some Nike Air Pegasus '89 Berlin Edition:

Made to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the launch of the Pegasus, this Quickstrike release is packed full of detailing to celebrate the event including cement effect swoosh to represent the concrete of the Wall, contrast coloured ‘Berlin’ & ‘1989′ lace jewels, and Berlin ‘89 embroidered heel detail.

They don't have them in The Boys size without having to pay ridiculous delivery charges so he's a little bit jealous.

And then (oh dear and then) I was getting the boy these Adidas Consortium Crooked Tongues London:

City Series pieces like the adidas London have a place in the Brit shoe-psyche, and with such a bare-bones, slender and simple design - unlined red suede with leather 3-Stripes, blank heel and lacestays, there's a sense that the shoe's purpose is lost if it gets too fussy or bolstered. Inverting the colours so it's predominantly black water-resistant fabric and red suede 3-Stripes and heeltab that retains the original slouchy shape. Paying homage to the Soho area where Crooked Tongues is based, steeped in sleazy history, and tweaked for wet weather use, given the country's climate, a long raincoat theme down to a check lining seems appropriate. The traditional dimpled tongue is mixed with another local tradition, the British pint, while a semi translucent sole captures those perpetual puddles at street level. Gold lettering and branded lacetips captures more of the best of British that this makeup brings. 

Whilst looking I found these, Adidas Consortium Paris with Colette

Always expect the unexpected from Colette and Consortium - this Paris interpretation is no exception as once again, the Parisian retail experience give a cult design a look that confidently walks the line between simplicity and the avant-garde. Originally incorporating French flag blue, white and red in its early incarnations, for Colette's redux, a white leather upper and branded tongue are accompanied by three types of dot pattern within the white 3-Stripes - one red, one blue, and one mixing both. The blue heeltab is accompanied by the recognisable wordless Colette logo on the rear, and more conventional gold lettering reveals both collaborator and shoe name. Red and blue top metal eyelets reinforce the colour picks, while the innocuous looking white mid and outsole conceals the final surprise - a transparent section of hexagons, that reveals a matching pattern beneath. More Gallic flair that rewards close inspection without alienating those adverse to excessive fuss.

Pretty aren't they?  I have some other limited edition collaborations but think that these may be my favourite to date.

So, whilst I love my heels and FM shoes my trainers rock pretty good too.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Last Christmas........

I wrote this yesterday but didn't post it for some reason......

As I sit here in three layers of clothing hoping that The Boy gets back downstairs and clears the fire out and get's it going again, with the outside temperature at a bracing -6 degrees and snow and ice all around I can't help but think about what we did Last year.

Up until last year we have always spent Christmas with my family Christmas Day at one house, Boxing day at another.  Full Family Christmas with Champagne, presents, late lunches, wine, games, sleeping on the sofa and (more recently) Dr Who.  Unfortunately, Gramps passed away last year so Christmas was never going to be the same.  M&D were in the process of selling their house and moving to France, Brothers were settled in Greenwich and me & The Boy were knackered after a full on year and his work was a nightmare.

When Gramps died he left a bit of money for us all and with my share I decided to buy a fancy watch (I wanted something that would last forever but would be something I would use all the time to remind me of him and keep him near) and take The Boy on a brilliant holiday.  So after a bit of a play around we decided to go back to Mexico, for a completely relaxing sun break and to come back Via New York for a quick shopping trip.

I booked with Trail Finders and we flew Upper Class with Virgin from Heathrow to JFK then down to Cancun.  The Upper Class lounge was fab as was the flight - but that's a whole other post and as it was before I was doing this I have no pictures.

We stayed at The Royal Cancun again - we had been there 18 months previously and decided to go back there as we wanted to not have to think.  To be honest we could have been anywhere but it's a lovely hotel with about 280 rooms, five restaurants, 3 bars, beach butlers, spa & gym, all inclusive heaven.

The rooms are a great size with massive beds

This was our room from the first visit in 2007

Each room has a jacuzzi in it

Which looks out over the balcony

Days were spent lazing around by the beach or the pool

Looking at the pictures I can almost feel the heat.   Each day was spent lazing around and we went to the hotel gala dinner on NYE, which was surprisingly good fun.

After a difficult year it would be wonderful to be there again but instead we will be home then off to France to see M&D (if Eurostar has defrosted in time - fingers crossed) so a different style of family Christmas and I can't wait.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Finally got around to putting the tree up today.  It was snowing outside again after quite a bright morning had melted much of the previous snow fall:

Then it started again, so in the words of the song - the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful - we haven't a place to go; let it snow let it snow let it snow.

After some other chores I spent the afternoon watching football and making my neighbours Christmas gift - it turned out quite well I think:

Going to relax in front of the TV this evening - just hopefully no more football.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Today's Shoes of Choice (and a nice delivery) & Penance (okay a bit of a confused blog)

As I am still paying for the trouble those pesky sequins got me in I am on Taxi duty for The Boy's 3 Christmas do's.  Last night was his black tie work do and I had to do my annual tie-ing of the bow tie (he refuses to have a pre-tied one it has to be one that can be undone rat pack style-y should the circumstances require).  Usually this causes stress - he is always running late for these do's and I am under pressure to get it right.  So this year I made him leave it out the night before so I could have a quick practice before the event.  Work and life got in the way so I didn't have time to practice but......well this was my first (and only) attempt

He looked v smart as usual

I was called to pick him up at 11pm as agreed - it was horrible on the roads and felt like they hadn't been gritted but home and in bed by midnight.

This morning we were up early to move the cars around and I dropped him at the station - these were my very sensible (and lovely and warm) shoes of choice for the task

Yes that's right - purple Doc's.  Classic don't you think?

Good job we were up early as the postie came at 7.20am with a parcel (more on that below).

On my way back from the station I popped into B&Q to see whether they had any decorations left to try and make my house look at least a little festive.  It was slim pickings to be fair but all at half price so I picked up a few things and made this for the front door (it looks okay from a distance or with dirty glasses)

I also bought a curtain of lights (no idea where I am putting them) and a tea light christmas tree candle thingy (my descriptive skills are second to non - no?).  I will also get the box of christmas decorations out of the garage and put some of them around today.

Anyho - back to my parcel.  My Christmas Shoes have arrived - I bought them in the sale from Aspire Style after reading about them on www.domesticsluttery.com they were reduced from £59.99 to £29.99 and are a perfect retro style, and to top it all come in a really cute box:

And look at the lovely soles and lining:

Perfect to be worn with fishnets and a pencil skirt me thinks - I may even wear them for my future taxi service requirements.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Rags to Bitches

I was in Manchester today for a meeting and had a little bit of time afterwards to pop into one of my absolute favourite shops - Rags to Bitches.

Located in the Northern Quarter on Tib Sheet (next to a really chi chi florist)  Rags to Bitches is a treasure trove of vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories.  They have some lovely vintage pieces, along side locally sourced and made jewellery.  Some own line vintage inspired dresses in fantastic jewel  colours along with some re-imagined pieces.

I particularly liked the accessories

And treated myself to a couple of brooches and this cute little bag

They also run dress making, sewing and clothes customising classes -  they have an online shop but it's quite limited.  See the link above.

Very successful shopping and a great boutique for a treat or a browse.

Holy Crap Its 3am again- grrr

I am not sure why but I keep waking at just after 3am again and find I
can't get back to sleep for an hour or so. Obv I am not helping this
today as I am blogging from my bed via my phone - clever that PCB clever.
I'm not going to write a list of all the things I need to do as that
frightened me last time but there seems to be a lot running through my
Pondering next year instead. No work for January yet (frack) and the
fallback plan of winning the lottery hasn't come through so really
need to find a job.
It's now less than 5 months until the moonwalk (plenty of time for you
to sponsor me - see link on the top right of this page) and I haven't
hit either my weight or exercise target for December. Oh well no
alcohol January should boost that and SB has said she will go walking
with me when I am jobless in early January.
As an aside my left eye has started watering. It's a bit stingy and
pretty constant - eye strain?
After a bit of a dodgy year for the finances what with The Boy being
out of work for 5 months the savings are seriously depleted so want to
make an effort to get those back up to normal.
Tax return and tax. Must get it in on time and payment up to date to
stop paying needless interest. Urgh I hate paperwork.
I'm going to re-organise and redecorate my office in 2010. I'm going
to store more crap and get a workbench type thing to put my sewing
machine on so it will be my office come workroom so that our dining
room can go back to being functional.
2010 has been named the official year of Operation Make A Baby. So the
first few months are all about the preparation. I'm going to pay to
get everything checked out (shit must also register with a GP) and get
some good advice on how to stay pregnant. This is it - last try last
chance. I cannot face another miscarriage but cannot bear the thought
of not trying again. The Boy is onboard (we're neither of us getting
any younger) but this is it. All in on one last gamble.
So the year will be split into two I suppose with the first part all
about preparing and giving myself the best opportunity so weight be
gone, exercise comeback and let's try to be friends again. Frugality,
I know we've not got on in the past but it's time to accept our
differences and suck it up. Then the second part will be all about
taking our chances and hoping for the best outcome. Thermometer at the
Hopefully this random splurge of my innermost (pah) thoughts will
enable sleep. Goodnight and goodmorning one and all.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Competition over at the Domestic Sluts

I was entering the Domestic Sluts Christmas Competition and noted that if I blogged about it I would get another chance to entry - so this is that.  I love our Christmas - it's nothing special but perfect for us, it centres around doing nothing, spending time together just relaxing.  Here is what I said:

"Christmas for The Boy and me is about battening down the hatches and completely relaxing. He's a creature of habit so likes his routine, which involves a Chinese Takeaway on Christmas Eve, wood burner on and a DVD or something on Sky Plus. A little bit of mulled wine or cider or maybe a nice bottle of red.

Christmas day, after a slow start we'll come down and stoke up the fire, then we'll open our presents to each other. Then breakfast and a bottle of champagne, I'll start lunch whilst listening to carols or watching a Christmas film whilst The Boy watches Sky Sports and speaks to his Mum on the phone. I'll phone my Mum and close friends then we'll eat, then settle down in front of the fire with the book or films we got for Christmas. After Dr Who we'll be busy doing a bit more nothing.

Boxing Day and The Boy will go out for a run whilst I cook the ham, then it's off to the football - I'll take mince pies and mulled wine to share with the people we sit with and hopefully after a good result we'll head home happy. The Boy will settle in front of the TV and I'll potter around.

It's nothing exciting, and nothing special but it's time we spend together completely relaxed and enjoy every minute."

The competition is open until 12 noon tomorrow and the prizes are fab - it's a great website and always has lovely ideas and fabulous recipes (especially the cocktails).

Girls after my own heart!

Midweek Meltdown

Not my bedroom but similar - where I would like to spend the rest of today tho.

Well not quite but that bottle of wine after the mulled wine and champagne last night may not have been the wisest move ever.

I am writing this from under the duvet as I am nice and warm and can't face getting up - I have to get up as I need to leave for Newcastle in 90 minutes and could really do with spending 30 mins on the work 'puter before leaving doing some admin tasks.

I realised last night that Christmas is next Friday that's right 8 days away - I don't know why but I thought it was Saturday - so I thought there was a whole extra day that there just isn't.  It's not as if I have loads to do - just me and the Boy for Christmas this year as M&D and Brothers will be in France and MIL won't travel.  Presents are all pretty much bought (apart from Brothers they need to pull their fingers out and say what they want).  In fact M&Ds gifts are wrapped and sat under their tree in France.  Shopping is ordered - though I am in trouble with lovely SB as we are having a Crown and not a whole Turkey - and will be delivered by Lemon or Orange on Wednesday.  Just need to get some wine.

We're off out on Boxing day and the 27th then over to France for New Year so not much to do really - however I MUST get the tree down from the loft and up - otherwise it will only be up a day or so before we Christmas and we will only have the benefit of it for a day or two.

Right it's gone 8.30am, the heating has come on and I must get my (not insubstantial) arse in to gear.  Good Wednesday everyone - nearly the weekend xx

Monday, 14 December 2009

The One That Got Away (TOTGA)

So, I can't be the only one who as they get a bit older and spend more Saturday nights in front of Strictly and Casualty who has got to thinking about their past loves and even looked them up on facebook (or as a friend of mine called if flirtbook).  I am guilty of this.  Just poking around connecting with old friends and old flings, harmless saying hello.  But there is one, the special one, The One That Got Away - now known as TOTGA.

I was 17 when I met TOTGA, it was all consuming I fell in love hard and fast and so did he.  He was at least 7 years older than me, had his own house, company, grown up car and dogs. And I loved him - he was my first true love.  We couldn't get enough of each other, wanting to spend all our time together - just us.  It wasn't about sex, yes there was intimacy but it was more - I can still remember how I felt now.

And then....and then, well and then he told me he loved me (which was fine I could have danced a naked jig through the market square) but then he told me he wanted to marry me.   I was 17 - yes I loved him, yes my parents liked him, he was pretty perfect. But. I was 17.  I was young and still at school and had a whole world out there to explore and discover.  Yes I had never been happier or felt safer.  But I was 17.

So I ran, I was so scared and frightened of the depth of feeling that I had for him that I ran, I broke it off and cried for weeks, time passed and we moved on.  I had a few boyfriends from school and he went out with the pretty red haired girl that worked in Next.  He was very grown up about it all - very civil and polite to me even though I knew it hurt him as much as it hurt me.

I moved to London, found some more independence and had a few more short term flings (ah City of London Police you served me well - but that's a whole other confession) but it wasn't TOTGA.  We bumped into each other once or twice, once in Palms restaurant in Covent Garden (this was 1991 remember it was cool then (honest)) I was with my Mum, he was so very very lovely and it was so good to see him.  We even went for a drink once - it was just before he was due to get married - was it to the pretty red haired girl, I can't be sure.  It was clear we still loved each other very much but also that it was time for him to get on with his life and that he wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't hold out hope for me - there was hope, he told me himself that he had hope.  But hey I was coming up to 20 - the world was my oyster; there were more parties to attend, more clubs to dance in - at 27 he was looking for a different life.  A safe, whole, complete life.  I was 20.  I was full of possibility.

I moved to Yorkshire and met and fell for the lovely Jonathan - we had a few good years.  I moved back to London and was swept off my feet by Ian - 5 years one engagement, two dogs and a beautiful house later we parted as friends, both relieved that one of us had finally be brave enough to leave.

And then I met The Boy - more than 10 years ago now, and am happy, love my husband and like my life.

So a year or so ago now, on one of those Saturday nights after a good few glasses of dry white I went searching for TOTGA and found him.  I found him on facebook and we started to chat.  He was divorced now, still living in the lovely market town he was in when we were together.  2 kids with his ex (who had cheated on him) and a new partner.  Still running his family business but with one or two other things on the go.  We swapped numbers and spoke on the phone - he made my heart race.  He told me I broke his heart - I told him I was scared and young.  The conversations were intense - full of the feelings of the past and the emotion came back strongly - he had always been my One That Got Away and now he was here at the end of the phone.  We spoke easily and freely - conversation came naturally and the connection was there.

Eventually, we arranged to meet - lunch in London.  I was down visiting the girls and arranged to meet him the next day.   We talked about what if we didn't like each other - but what if we did......we agreed that what would be would be and we would meet.  I told The Boy that I had made contact with an old friend and that I was going to try to meet him for lunch - no lies were told, but no more was shared.

The night before we met I got a text message saying he couldn't make it - a fracking text message.  So why - did he chicken out, was there fear or what might happen or fear that it would ruin the wonderful memories.  What if we didn't live up to each others expectations.

I was very upset that we weren't going to meet - was he getting even for my running all those years ago.

Time passed, we didn't speak after that - he thought I was upset with him; I suppose I was but I also found out I was pregnant and then had a miscarriage.  One day I sent him a text saying hello - it may have been his birthday and we spoke briefly.  His partner has since had their baby and they have got married - I have seen some photo's on facebook and they look very happy - a great family.

Was my fantasy that we would meet, fall in love again and then what....I break both of our hearts again because I am married to a man I want to grow old with?  It was probably for the best.

I still think of TOTGA, and I still love him.  He helped to make me who I am and I'm grateful for that.  I don't know if he reads my blog - or if he even sees anything about my life on facebook - he hasn't unfriended me so I haven't been dumped.

If you do read this TOTGA - I am so sorry that I broke your heart, but we both did okay didn't we?  You will always be my first true love and The One That Got Away. xxx

Some important thoughts: I feel the need to caveat this post - I love The Boy, he's my husband and I have no sense of any future without him in it.  It's me and him, him and me - that's how it is and how it always will be.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Another week of arse/elbow confusion

After a week where I was all over and then came down with a nasty cold bug I would have liked a week at home to actually get some work done a prepare for Christmas but no.  It's going to be another week of to-ing and fro-ing around the country n my tour of spreading bad news.  I hate making people redundant in boom times but right now and just before Christmas really really sucks.

Today I have a little bit of respite as The Boy has gone to the gym so I am taking a break from ironing and other chores to watch Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince and write some Christmas cards.  At some point I will also have a bumper Advent Calendar session as I last posted (opened) on here on the 7th so quite a bit of catching up to do.

The next 10 days look like this:
Tonight - cinema
Monday - London then back north & cinema
Tuesday -  Birmingham then SB over
Wednesday - Newcastle
Thursday - Manchester, taxi the boy at Christmas Party
Friday - WFH, catch up, taxi the boy to and from Christmas Drinks
Saturday - Football, Scarborough
Sunday - Christmas Tea & drinks with MIL and neighbours in Scarborough
Monday - WFH, Taxi boy to and from Christmas Drinks (AGAIN)
Tuesday - London - try to see CP to swap gifts (shoot must buy and wrap gifts)
Wednesday - London - BUT what timeis Ocado coming with my shopping - darn it have fracked up........

Busy busy busy - no idea when we will now get the tree up or even if we will as The Boy is a Grinch and I may go on strike. May just have to do with a picture of last years - 

In all of this I must also look for another job as I have no work in the New Year and bills to pay - GAH.

Ah well - ho ho ho and all that.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Poorly sick

feel very sorry for myself been poorly sick since Wednesday eve with nasty sore throat, cough and blocked nose.  So very tired.  normal service will be resumed at some point.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


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