Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Midweek Meltdown

Not my bedroom but similar - where I would like to spend the rest of today tho.

Well not quite but that bottle of wine after the mulled wine and champagne last night may not have been the wisest move ever.

I am writing this from under the duvet as I am nice and warm and can't face getting up - I have to get up as I need to leave for Newcastle in 90 minutes and could really do with spending 30 mins on the work 'puter before leaving doing some admin tasks.

I realised last night that Christmas is next Friday that's right 8 days away - I don't know why but I thought it was Saturday - so I thought there was a whole extra day that there just isn't.  It's not as if I have loads to do - just me and the Boy for Christmas this year as M&D and Brothers will be in France and MIL won't travel.  Presents are all pretty much bought (apart from Brothers they need to pull their fingers out and say what they want).  In fact M&Ds gifts are wrapped and sat under their tree in France.  Shopping is ordered - though I am in trouble with lovely SB as we are having a Crown and not a whole Turkey - and will be delivered by Lemon or Orange on Wednesday.  Just need to get some wine.

We're off out on Boxing day and the 27th then over to France for New Year so not much to do really - however I MUST get the tree down from the loft and up - otherwise it will only be up a day or so before we Christmas and we will only have the benefit of it for a day or two.

Right it's gone 8.30am, the heating has come on and I must get my (not insubstantial) arse in to gear.  Good Wednesday everyone - nearly the weekend xx

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