Thursday, 17 December 2009

Holy Crap Its 3am again- grrr

I am not sure why but I keep waking at just after 3am again and find I
can't get back to sleep for an hour or so. Obv I am not helping this
today as I am blogging from my bed via my phone - clever that PCB clever.
I'm not going to write a list of all the things I need to do as that
frightened me last time but there seems to be a lot running through my
Pondering next year instead. No work for January yet (frack) and the
fallback plan of winning the lottery hasn't come through so really
need to find a job.
It's now less than 5 months until the moonwalk (plenty of time for you
to sponsor me - see link on the top right of this page) and I haven't
hit either my weight or exercise target for December. Oh well no
alcohol January should boost that and SB has said she will go walking
with me when I am jobless in early January.
As an aside my left eye has started watering. It's a bit stingy and
pretty constant - eye strain?
After a bit of a dodgy year for the finances what with The Boy being
out of work for 5 months the savings are seriously depleted so want to
make an effort to get those back up to normal.
Tax return and tax. Must get it in on time and payment up to date to
stop paying needless interest. Urgh I hate paperwork.
I'm going to re-organise and redecorate my office in 2010. I'm going
to store more crap and get a workbench type thing to put my sewing
machine on so it will be my office come workroom so that our dining
room can go back to being functional.
2010 has been named the official year of Operation Make A Baby. So the
first few months are all about the preparation. I'm going to pay to
get everything checked out (shit must also register with a GP) and get
some good advice on how to stay pregnant. This is it - last try last
chance. I cannot face another miscarriage but cannot bear the thought
of not trying again. The Boy is onboard (we're neither of us getting
any younger) but this is it. All in on one last gamble.
So the year will be split into two I suppose with the first part all
about preparing and giving myself the best opportunity so weight be
gone, exercise comeback and let's try to be friends again. Frugality,
I know we've not got on in the past but it's time to accept our
differences and suck it up. Then the second part will be all about
taking our chances and hoping for the best outcome. Thermometer at the
Hopefully this random splurge of my innermost (pah) thoughts will
enable sleep. Goodnight and goodmorning one and all.

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