Friday, 18 December 2009

Today's Shoes of Choice (and a nice delivery) & Penance (okay a bit of a confused blog)

As I am still paying for the trouble those pesky sequins got me in I am on Taxi duty for The Boy's 3 Christmas do's.  Last night was his black tie work do and I had to do my annual tie-ing of the bow tie (he refuses to have a pre-tied one it has to be one that can be undone rat pack style-y should the circumstances require).  Usually this causes stress - he is always running late for these do's and I am under pressure to get it right.  So this year I made him leave it out the night before so I could have a quick practice before the event.  Work and life got in the way so I didn't have time to practice but......well this was my first (and only) attempt

He looked v smart as usual

I was called to pick him up at 11pm as agreed - it was horrible on the roads and felt like they hadn't been gritted but home and in bed by midnight.

This morning we were up early to move the cars around and I dropped him at the station - these were my very sensible (and lovely and warm) shoes of choice for the task

Yes that's right - purple Doc's.  Classic don't you think?

Good job we were up early as the postie came at 7.20am with a parcel (more on that below).

On my way back from the station I popped into B&Q to see whether they had any decorations left to try and make my house look at least a little festive.  It was slim pickings to be fair but all at half price so I picked up a few things and made this for the front door (it looks okay from a distance or with dirty glasses)

I also bought a curtain of lights (no idea where I am putting them) and a tea light christmas tree candle thingy (my descriptive skills are second to non - no?).  I will also get the box of christmas decorations out of the garage and put some of them around today.

Anyho - back to my parcel.  My Christmas Shoes have arrived - I bought them in the sale from Aspire Style after reading about them on they were reduced from £59.99 to £29.99 and are a perfect retro style, and to top it all come in a really cute box:

And look at the lovely soles and lining:

Perfect to be worn with fishnets and a pencil skirt me thinks - I may even wear them for my future taxi service requirements.

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