Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hotel Sleeping V Random Thoughts

It's 4am and I am wide awake with a stuffed up nose. I am at the hotel du vin in Birmingham again, and having been upgraded am in this lovely big bed

I fell asleep at 10.30ish after a not so great meal but lovely wine and then I have woken up at 3.30am and now can't get back to sleep. My mind is buzzing and here are a few things that it is buzzing with:

1. Oh must do that spreadsheet for recording queries for the HR team, wonder what needs to be in the drop down list and what data it would be good to capture.

2. Agggghhhh didn't do that email to GH confirming what his role will be must must must to that as soon as I can get the work puter on line.

3. Wouldn't it be good to do a sort of advent calendar on here with pictures of things I really like or Christmas things......wonder if photo's of Joshua Jackson count, but then again it's my advent calendar so why not.

4. Oh gad I have 3 weeks worth of ironing at home.

5. Wonder what time this workshop will finish today - hope its early so I can get back north at sensible o'clock. Actually I have to as The Boy is back tonight and he doesn't have keys.

6. Must find and book hotel for the night of the 9th.

7. Where shall I stay night of the 7th? Feel bad imposing on S&J - maybe CP will let me stay there.

8. What on earth do I want for Christmas - know The Boy will be putting me under pressure later this week to say. Need S&Js lists. Need to get something for little R to take with me on Thursday.

9. Did I do everything I needed to do for other client - remembered I didn't and must draft communication and get it approved. Ideally draft this morning so that it can be approved and sent for tomorrow.

10. really want to declutter my personal space more at home. Need to be more ruthless about packing stuff up and putting it in storage. If I insist on keeping it but don't use it no point letting it gather dust and mess up my room & office just pack and store.

11. Must sell/dispose of that large laserjet printer and those cartridges, it doesn't work with our puters and needs to be set up properly but for now is just gathering dust and being used to put things on.

12. Sarah B has moved back from Australia and wants to meet up. Really want to see her and she has suggested this weekend - no idea how to fit it in but must find time.

13. Must must must see Kath C - haven't seen her in months and she must be 6 months pregnant now, see if she wants to get together when our respective Boys go out on one of their Christmas do's.

14. Feel sorry for myself for not having many Christmas do's planned. Going to Client 1's do as got three line whip. Not going to Client 2's as at Madness. Have lunch with Ladies planned for 9th but nothing else.

15. Going to be out of work again soon - must find more work. Must do timesheets and expenses. Must chase invoices.

16. Tax return

17. Gym, training, weight loss, haircut, waxing.........

18. Is there anything we want M&D to get us in NYC, need to let them know today. Wonder if Dad did the washing up for me - or maybe Mum did some of my ironing, that would be a treat.

19. Feel I should have a plan - or a better plan at least.

So these are most, but not all, of the random things going through my head as I lie here in a bed so wide that even when in full starfish my legs don't touch both sides. Hmmmm perhaps now I have got it all out I will sleep....just need to to that spreadsheet first.

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