Sunday, 29 November 2009

The week ahead

After slacking a bit towards the end of last week I have a seriously packed two weeks ahead.

I'm in Rotherham, West Brom & Birmingham Monday & Tuesday and have so much work to get through I am not entirely sure where to start. Home on Wednesday then off to City Wednesday eve to see our boys get beat by the Arsenal kids in the cup. Thursday back to West Brom then down to Wantage to spend the evening with lovely KBW and see her littles. Then Friday I am going to Biscester Village - will blog much much more about that after I have been.

Back to City at the weekend to be beaten by Chelski (though maybe not you never know); three weeks worth of ironing and more work. Sunday night off to Bradford to see Paul Weller.

Monday in London for work at clients and Christmas lunch. Back to Yorkshire Tuesday early for work then that evening off to see Madness at the O2 in Leeds. Early Wednesday drop The Boy at the airport then driving down to London for the Mucky Monday (on a Wednesday) Lunch - much potential for messiness it has to be said. Working from London on Thursday and shopping with The Boy (also going to try to get to The Tate to see Pop Art) then supper with CP and her boy and hopefully my brothers. Friday another day of pootling around then off to the Theatre - not sure what we're seeing yet depends what we can get tickets for.

Then back to Yorkshire for a rest - actually more washing and ironing and more work....ah well.

So apologies if I am absent - or if my posts are short (and not that sweet) updates will follow when it all settles down again.

Up early to catch up with work so an early night me thinks.

No idea what I have (or haven't) achieved this week other than got another year older and created more mess.


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