Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday again

Blimey that went quickly.

Here I am again on Sunday and have no idea if I actually achieved anything last week. I didn't make it to fat club, didn't get the frames up in the office, didn't crack the evil spreadsheet (though think I may have broken the back of it).

I did, get 6 more boxes off to storage and sorted out the spare room so the Parents have somewhere to sleep.

I bought and had a new washing machine delivered (that now seems possessed by the devil it makes such a noise and bounces around so much when it spins - I have had to drop a note in to next door to apologise for the noise).

I did some great Christmas shopping for others and myself, including loads of lovely books for baking/sweet making.

I made some Rose creams - they taste great but look awful.

Today I am being a bit grumpy and snappy so am trying to bite my tongue but not being overly successful.

Going to slow cook a chilli now for supper (and a batch for the freezer) and may finally get round to making the gingerbread I have talked about since Friday. Onwards.

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