Friday, 20 November 2009

Waiting in again

I am working from home again today, which is great as I am having one of those days when I really shouldn't be allowed to leave the house. I have dropsy, which is not unusual for me but can't seem to hold anything in either hand for any longer than 30 seconds (no Mum it's not the twisted nerve thing just me being a clutz) I am also lacking spacial awareness and have walked into a door handle and a box already this morning (i've only been up just over 2 hours). Finally I spent ages looking at my wardrobe (well pile of clothes at the end of the bed in all honesty) and ended up in bog standard jean (fine normal work from home uniform) faded FDNY t-shirt, shortie Uggs and a wooly jumper - should be okay but I look a right state.

I am waiting in for my Birthday present to arrive - the lovely Boy has bought me a camera for by birthday its a there is a bit of a pause here because I actually can't remember what it is. But it is the one I wanted and it's small enough to fit in a pocket for Gigs and a clutch for nights out, it's also very very light and has those clever features that practically take the photo for you - which trust me I need. I thought it was at the post office so merrily tripped along there early yesterday (though I arrived before they opened - seriously they dont open until 7.45am; the day is already half over (well a little bit over)) thinking that the little red card would deliver my lovely camera but no; it was a delivery from Niven & Joshua for The Boy - pah! After sulking a bit The Boy chased up the camera and got an email confirming it would be delivered by DHL today. This means that today I will be listening out for the door all day and forced (gratefully see above) to stay in.

This long and rambling pre-amble leads me to the point of this post. I love shopping in real life but also enjoy a bit of online retail therapy and the excitement of receiving a delivery and opening it up in your own home (not unlike thatgirl39 talks about here). But I dislike waiting in all day.

So here's a quick Good, Bad & Ugly:

The Good

Niven & Joshua - arrived the day after The Boy placed the order (he didn't pay for any special delivery) perfectly prettily packaged. One of the items they sent was not what he ordered, so he phoned them, spoke to a real person not a machine - didn't have to press any buttons to get to them either. They were brilliant, couldn't be more apologetic sent the right good immediately and when he asked if they wanted him to return the wrong one they said oh no that won't be necessary at all. In addition they are affiliated with Mr & Mrs Smith so got a fab discount too. Well done N&J 4/5 (would have been 5 if it wasn't for the packing error).

Isabella Oliver - the first order took some time to come as it was a pre-order. But when it arrive oh my - so very very pretty (see here) great packaging, good delivery note (I know how rubbish that sounds but it came in it's own envelop and was very clear). The second order came so quickly after it was placed - I also got some lovely emails from letting me know what was going on with my order at each stage. Haven't had to return anything so no idea if that works well but I expect it does based on their others customer service. Isabella Oliver - 5/5 (particularly as I am now using the boxes to store my materials).

Boots Kitchen Appliances - yes really. Our washing machine has died, it's not quite 7 years old so (apparently) this is about normal. So after a search on Which? late last night I tried to buy one today. Comet offered me a delivery date of 19th December - yep that's right 4 weeks away. John Lewis was better but couldn't deliver before 26th November and were much pricier than others. The I stumbled on Boots Kitchen Appliances - well who'd have thunk. Very competitively priced (£70 less than John Lewis) and deliver on a Saturday (for an extra charge), recycle your old machine and all the packaging and you get advantage points. But best of all - they give you a 4 hour delivery time slot. They call you (or say they do I am jumping the gun a bit here as I am mid order process) the evening before delivery to confirm your 4 hour slot - then the driver calls you again the morning of delivery to confirm again - blimey! I had to phone their call centre after placing my order as I forgot to opt for recycling, I had to go through a couple of press button menus but then didn't wait at all to speak with someone. The lady was extremely helpful (she noted that I was not the first to miss the recycling button as it wasn't easy to spot) and bish bash bosh sorted. So if it comes tomorrow as planned Boots Kitchen Appliances 5/5 (woot woot)

Wisteria Lane - after taking advantage of the fab offer from Domestic Sluts here I placed an order with Wisteria Lane, I opted for next day delivery and it did exactly what it said on the box and arrived this morning before 9am (I didn't opt for that). A couple of the items I ordered weren't in stock but they phoned me yesterday and left a message letting me know and refunded the difference to my credit card. The box was dull - just brown cardboard but inside was lovely. Lots of pink tissue paper & pink ribbons, everything individually wrapped with pretty labels as well and a great delivery note, in an envelope with a card. They spelt my name wrong but that's not unusual at all. Only downside is I have to unwrap everything to see what it is as there is no way of identifying - which is a shame as most of them are gifts and being already wrapped would have been a complete bonus. So Wisteria Lane - 4/5.


Home Delivery Network- yep good and bad. So sometimes they are brilliant, leaving things round the back in the outside loo (I live in a old Victorian House - we do have a loo in side as well now, honest) or if it's not raining by the back door. So mostly they are great. But this week they have left a Bob The Builder toy out in the rain by our back door but clearly addressed to two doors down - no problem I dropped it in but they hadn't even put a card through the other house to let them know it was here. The I had to arrange a re-delivery and it was all automated and required me to put loads of numbers and hashes in and eventually I managed to get it - only to be told it could be delivered anytime between 8am and 10pm the next day; so prisoner in my own home. It arrived early afternoon in the end sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not so good - Home Delivery Network 2.5/5


DHL - stop walking across my grass there is a very clear path and it is less than 5 ft longer that way. Also close the fracking gate - it was closed when you arrived so please close it on your way out. Yes I know you have a massive network and can deliver to pretty much any timescale anywhere but HEY it's my house please be a bit more respectful. DHL 2/5

City Link - please knock more than once and give a chance to get downstairs - you are in Bad not ugly because when I phoned to follow up a delivery I had been waiting for all day and it hadn't come and the chap said he had tried but I was out - strange how he didn't leave a card then - you (the manager) brought it yourself on the way home. Oh and the map on your card to show where you depot is - is rubbish. 2/5 CIty Link


UPS - delivery chap - what makes you think it's okay to get out of your van and light up then stand by my front door smoking in my face? Seriously, and don't get when I ask you not to politely. I haven't complained to your manager have I? No - so just show some manners. As for your collections department - don't get me started on how badly you let me down. I will never use UPS again and will encourage others not to use UPS. UPS - 1/5 (yep you suck but get 1 point for actually turning up).

Hmm feel better for getting that of my chest. What do you think of my ratings? Who are your good, bad & ugly?

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