Sunday, 21 April 2013

30 Days of Curvy Yoga

When I started Yoga  a few years ago I loved how practice made me feel, loved the peace and release and giving myself time to breath.

Life got in the way and I let it go, my mat went to storage and I just put myself back in the 'too fat' for yoga box.

I headed off to The Hill That Breathes for a week and whilst they were lovely and the week was amazing it just reinforced my view that I was wrong for yoga - not, you'll note, that yoga was wrong for me.

I've been looking for something recently, something in me and something for me.  Im working, cooking, sewing, socialising living my life but I feel the need for some thing completely for me.

So I was introduced to Curvy Yoga via Sas and her amazing ebook The Body Stories (if you haven't go over to her and download it, and spend time looking though her posts and love notes - trust me its worth it) and something in Anna's voice resonated with me.  I mean the name alone 'Curvy Yoga' was made for me!

After signing up for Anna's emails and reading her notes I saw that she was running a 30 days of curvy yoga, on line course with Marianne.  The timing just feels right for me - right place right time, time to be a bit kinder to my body and perhaps consider myself worth it?

So I've headed in and started this week - this first week as been about getting ready - finding what it is that I need from my yoga practice, really considering my intention and being honest and serious about my commitment.

So the practice starts tomorrow, the kick off call was tonight.  I'm looking forward to it - but also wondering why I chose the month when I am away so much to do it!!

Right then  - I'll report back



Friday, 12 April 2013

A little rant....

Ah the joys of working in HR.

Yep that means that I am the one who is usually there telling you that you're not performing, supporting the line manager.  Having the conversation that the pay rise we have offered you is appropriate for the job and that if you want to work part time the salary will be part time and that you don't always get everything you want.

That you have BO.

That your time keeping sucks.

That we need to know when you will be here as we are covering for you when you are not and yes I understand your Child is ill - I'm not saying you have to be here just let us know, keep us informed.

That whilst yes we are a charity we are not a freaking charity - we are not an awful employer we have a good environment, pay sick leave, holiday, good maternity/paternity/adoption leave.  Don't expect you to work to the bone.  Wait you need to work from home - yeah no problem we'll make that work.  Oh you need to come in late and take a shorter lunch and leave around the same time as everyone else.  yep thats fine too - we trust you.

The problem is - we are a really small team and a small office and when you act like a self entitled fuck wit and I have to have a 'chat' with you it creates an atmosphere.

I am not a monster, but yes I can be the deliverer of bad, sad, difficult news.

But accuse me of annihilation - oh seriously you have seen nothing that was me on a good day, being productive and supportive and working with you to reach a solution.  Want to see what I'm like if I don't have the professional shackles?  Want to hear what I really think of the way you are acting?

Trust me you don't.

You get 24 hours to sulk but if you continue with this next week then guess what we'll be having another 'chat' where I ask you if there is a problem and what it is.

For now I will smile at you, include you, ask your opinion and engage with you.  Act like a spoiled brat if you like - it really isn't going to help.

Seriously, I've been called a bitch, a formidable dragon, a sanctimonious cow; had the death march whistled when I've walked down a corridor; been blanked, shunned, ignored, left out; called the party police and been told that I am not nice.

Your behavior just re-enforces my view of you.  I won't let this bother me when I get home tonight, I know we've been fair to you and actually tried to make things work for you.

Shame you can't be the same with me.

Rant over - phew.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Black dog

Darn you back dog back again.

Something's gotta give.

Goose-ing around

Goose has been in my life for over a year now - it's gone so quickly but I can't imagine being without him. So self indulgent puppyp*rn ahead......

The most important meal of the day?

I'm not a great breakfast person, coffee yes - coffee coffee coffee hell yes; but actual food not so much. However I know the importance of it and I do like it so I'm trying to train myself in to it, for, a habit.

I've discovered that if its colourful I seem it enjoy it more - so either quick or slow I need colour. Branflakes or plain porridge just aren't going to cut it. I was on leave last week so made the most - here's hoping it sticks.

And just because here's some recent breakfast pics - yep colours the way forward.


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