Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Becoming no one (aka Real Men Don't Look Back)

Its time for me to move contracts again so I am working out my last few days in my current role, preparing my handover and ensuring that my files, projects and records are up to date.

The interesting thing is the shift in my colleagues behaviour and attitude towards me; each day I am moving to the outer edge of the inner circle and becoming less of a someone and much more of a no one.

I get it, working a notice period is hard on everyone.  You are not going to be here to deliver the longer term plans or work through the challenges that people perceive - you have jumped ship, taken the kings gold.  Whether you are leaving with a tear in your eye or if you are blowing it up and not looking back (real men don't look back at explosions remember) you were in post for a reason, and I assume did good work whilst you were there but a long notice and particularly those last few days can make for awkward times.

So the days are going slowly; the emails and calls are less frequent; the meetings not always relevant and the in tray looking mightily slim.

So what to do?  Well the best darn handover in the world obviously but otherwise its a case of smile, help where you can, give good counsel and support to your colleagues and leave the place in a way you would want to find it.

Moving on to becoming no one is a challenge but its nothing personal I guess just the way of the world. 

Whilst there will be no explosion I can walk away without looking back, onwards to the next adventure.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Movie night at Bea's of Bloomsbury

I'm having a bit of a love affair with London this week. My brothers are in the US so they offered me their flat for the time they're away. It's perfect timing, its just worked out that I had the option to be out & about every night having a (say it quickly) social life!

This is the view from the balcony in the boys bedroom - no doubting where you are!

London has been hot hot hot this week so when LBB and I were deciding what to do last night Bea's of Bloomsbury's block party style cinema club seemed like a perfect idea. 

Bea's is an awesome cafe with a few shops in London (including a brand new one in Farringdon that I'm planning to try this morning) and a railway arch in Maltby Street SE1 - their fresh food and cakes everyday are fantastic look at their website for more details (www.beasofbloomsbury.com).

We were running a little late so jumped in a cab - when we asked him to drop us off at these railway arches in what looks like an industrial area he thought we were mad, but go in through the metal door and inside it's all set up with a massive screen and a load of assorted deck chairs. 

The screen really is massive but we still grabbed a seat at the front to stretch out 

Not unsurprisingly the food was fabulous and we went for a chilli cheese dog each and paired this with a bottle of prosecco!

There was also mac'n'cheese, popcorn, some delicious looking cakes, beer wine and soft drinks. 

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, we watched Forrest Gump and the small group laughed, sighed and cried through a few gentle hours. 

It was a great evening, we walked back in the warm evening to London Bridge which was still buzzing.    I love that London offers so many choices and that awesome companies and places like Bea's exist. 

They have movie night running through the rest of July and August each Tuesday with more classic films including Some Like it Hot, Home Alone and Jaws. Tickets are £5. 

It's another beautiful London morning, I need to get up and walk to work before it gets too hot!  Another adventure in town tonight. Lucky lucky me. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

July so far

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day. 

Murray has just won the Wimbledon final and I've had a lovely few days just mooching with Goose. 

We went to Truck Stop in Canary Wharf on Friday after a long day in London. 

We found shade in St James Park

And had ice cream on the south bank

Pub lunch with S&J

A quick stop in the office and a trip on a bus and a train

It finished with a damaged yoghurt in the shopping delivery which G loved 

But he's pooped in this heat. 

And no pics as left phone in car but lovely walk in Swinley Forrest with Loo &Kerrie  (& biscuit & Alana). 

And relax. 


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