Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Procrastination my old friend

I am in bed typing this. The Boy has gone to Glasgow again, after waking me at 5.20am to ask me whether my watch was by the bed and then when I said it wasn't turned the light on to find out the time.....grrrrr. So after getting up and closing the garage after him I came back to bed with my lap top, phone and work blackberry and have spent the last 90 mins arsing about on twitter and reading blogs.

I should be packing up the stuff to take to storage - something useful and necessary. However, instead I am here not quite snuggled. The Boy has been messing with the heating thermostat again so the heating only comes on if it gets Arctic in here (git). But it's all the way down stairs and that would mean coming out from under the duvet so it's easier to pop a sweatshirt on and just have cold fingers.

CP is not now coming this weekend - something about emotional blackmail and someones 40th Birthday, I have no idea. I don't mind at all just sad not to spend some time with her. She has rebooked for February so I am going to post her gift to her as I am not in Fancy London for a while now and it's just gathering dust in the shit-tip that is my dinning room.

CPs cancellation means that I now have an extra 5 days before we have visitors which gives me the perfect excuse to put of the sorting out of out mountain of stuff into storage. I shouldn't out it off and should really try to get it all done this week as if she were coming then (oh joy of joys) I can spend the weekend cleaning before my parents arrive next Wednesday (or maybe Thursday I don't actually know).

Had to go to Meadowhell™ yesterday to buy a new power cable for my Mac as the other one died. Have to go back there today for the meeting that I thought was yesterday. May start my Christmas shopping whilst I am there - though suspect that this may not happen as I have no idea what to get anyone.

During my short trip there yesterday I managed to buy a dress and a coat in Monsoon. Here is the dress:

The beading is metallic and nice and heavy so it keeps the bottom of the dress in place. It's a little more fitted than I thought it was but looks great on and fab with the shoes I got in the sale recently.

As I said I also bought a coat but can't find it on their website so here is a pic of love Cat Deeley wearing it

It's 8.22am, I'm still in my nightdress (with a tshirt and sweatshirt on top) it really should be time to get up. Porridge and coffee will do the trick. There's no way I will be able to get to the storage place and then to my meeting on time so storage will have to wait until later - but IT WILL BE DONE. It has to be.

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  1. Oh dear, talking about procrastination, I've just spent ages browsing your blog instead of getting my own work done! Doh!

    The reason I wanted to talk to you is that we're organising a brilliant event at Bicester Village on 4th Dec especially for bloggers. If you're interested, please @vero me on Twitter and I'll send you details :) Hope you'll join us!



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