Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Another day closer

To my Birthday that is, to 40 (only 37 this year but closer and closer it comes). Another year has passed and I am starting to reflect.....

It's a been a good work year. I have met some really lovely people and have broadened my experience and knowledge and been quite lucky to have worked all but 10 weeks.

It's be a good hair year. After stupidly cutting it short again last year it is back to lovely length and other than the increasing silver strands it's looking good - I have still only been to the hairdresser once this year and must get over that and go more regularly. I just don't like the hairdresser.

It's be a bad (ish) weight year. I have lost weight (1 stone a least now) but not enough. I have another 5 stone to loose but have a goal now so maybe this year.....

Its been a rubbish year for exercise. I have donated again to the gym and dare not even think about how much each visit has cost me but this year will have to be different. In May next year I am walking 26.2 miles for charity and my knees won't take this weight so weight loss and exercise Hello, welcome back into my life.

It's been a really good and really bad year for friendship. I have developed new friendships with people I have originally met on line and some of those are now real life, actual friends who I am so grateful to have. Unfortunately, it's been a year since I last spoke to a friend who I have now known for 18 years but she's not prepared to apologise and (this time) I'm not prepared be called a bully so here we are stalemate. It's a shame but we are where we are.

Relationships. I love the Boy more and more each year (10 years now) and whilst we have our ups and downs it's good, yep it's all good.

Happiness. Am I happy? Yes, I think on the whole I am. Would some things make me more happy? Yes, I would love to be a mother, to be fitter and thinner but on the whole things are good.

So I am quite optimistic about the year to come, no idea where I will be working but lots of opportunity to be the best I an be and to do the best I can do.


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  1. Hope your dream of becoming a Mum comes true for you in 2010 x



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