Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Royal Visit

RTT (dad ) and Lady L (mum - this is them) arrive on Thursday next week for 5 days, ostensibly to celebrate my birthday but also to catch up, do a bit of Christmas shopping and get a perm (Lady L not RTT). Isn't that handy that she needs a perm just when she happens to be over........coincidence? I think not.

I'm really looking forward to their coming and after the tense time in the summer we have already put in place coping tactics so that we get to spend some time together but also get some space so we don't fall out.

RTT & I are like two peas in a pod, to look at us you would know in an instance that we are father and daughter - we have the same shape head and body, the same smile and the same irritability. I know how impatient I can be and RTT is the same. So when we get together for the first few hours it's great then it can get a bit fraught.

So this time we have plans. They arrive sometime on Thursday so I am working Thursday morning and then will cook a lovely supper Thursday eve (maybe go a bit Thanks Giving). Then Friday The Boy has taken the day off and we are (at the moment*) heading to York to have a bit of a birthday shop then go to the Picturehouse cinema to see the new Coen Brother's film A Serious Man and have chunky chips and aioli and a lovely glass of red in the bar before heading home to spend the evening with the parents. Saturday is my actual birthday so after being spoilt by Mum making breakfast and maybe a sneaky champagne or two we're off to Eastlands to see City play Hull then home to Strictly and Xfactor as it's my Birthday and I will have control of the remote (yipee).

Then Sunday we are off to The Star at Harome for Birthday lunch - I have talked about going here for a few years so am quite excited.

They're off to my Brothers on Monday (The Boy is off to Glasgow and I will more than likely be off to West Brom/Birmingham) and then that will be it. We will be glad to have our house back and then a day or so later I will realise how much I miss them now they live in the South of France and not 6 miles down the road. Then I'll start looking forward to our trip for New Year to see them - only 4 weeks later.

*this is at the moment as my MIL has just phoned - she has been asked to go back in to see the Doctor for the results of a test she had recently. There is a strong history of bowel cancer in her family and this is what they tested for - she thinks that it probably won't be good news. The Boy and his Mum have been on their own for most of his life - she had him when she was 40 and his Dad left when he was about 10. She's the last of her family alive, there are some cousins around but no one close. So he is being very stoical but I can tell he is worried. So I have decided that if she gets the news she is expecting on Wednesday we might just go to Scarborough on Friday instead to see her and give her a bit of a sounding board.

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