Monday, 22 June 2009

Daddy's Girl

There I've said it, I am most definitely Daddy's Girl. I finally managed to speak to RTT (above with Lady L at their new home in May this year) about 5pm yesterday to day Happy Fathers Day - he's in Spain at the moment escaping the renovations on their house in France. Sounds like they are having a great time as they went to Pamploma for the day (two weeks too early to run with the bulls) and were just getting ready for an aperitif! Retirement is treating them well.

Growing up with RTT was never dull, he was always on the go; organising exchanges with French football teams, refereeing Sunday league, coaching tennis, playing Santa Claus for the local Lions club, organising street parties and 'it's a knockout' style competition.

He has always been Taxi RTT - even up until very recently when I needed to be collected from York after missing a train after a long (ie drunken) day at the races.

I remember always wanting to be with RTT - on holiday we would rent a scooter and head off into the Spanish hills for the day leaving Lady L (mum) and my brother to read books. Recently we went to Amsterdam for 48 hours. I took him to see The Rolling Stones for his 60th birthday he bought me diamonds on my wedding day. But more than that - he made me believe I could be anything I wanted to be in the knowledge that I would always have his support and love.

I know I am lucky that my dad is still here - and I treasure every moment. I am, and always will be, Daddy's Girl.

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