Sunday, 28 June 2009

Who stole the sun?

So it's 28th June, slap bang in the middle of summer and it looks more like February! The weather means that the garden is growing and that I may have to move Princess so that she doesn't get tangled in with the climbers but where is the sun?

I was organised, put the washing on overnight so that it would be ready to hang out when I got up. Watched the weather report - sun shine was predicted. So where the bloomin' 'ell is it?

The Boy has called, he is feeling a little worse for wear and they are off to find a good breakfast in Scarborough - unfortunately it looks like Mojo, where I had this, wasn't open then they went past:

But we are off to Scarborough again next weekend so I'll drag him there then. It was recommended to me by lovely chap on twitter and beats the soulless coffee chain in the town centre.

So reflecting on my week what have I done? Well I went to the gym 2x (though that was last Sunday and Wednesday so not great but I did improve my 5k time by over a minute), I applied for 4 jobs, was interviewed for 1, received feedback from an earlier interview that I was not the right 'cultural fit' (which is code for we didn't like you). I tidied up the garden a bit more, cleaned the house and watched some great tennis and found my passport (well the lovely people at Transport for London did and tracked me down). I provided The Boy with a taxi and got some major Daughter in Law/Wife points by going to see my MIL and sorting out her new netbook. I read two books, four newspapers, wrote my blog and watched 1.5 chick flicks (remembered half way through that I had seen Made of Honour before).

I didn't sort out my office, send off that invoice, weigh myself (skipping this week after too much wine), make scones (there was a plan), do my 'banish the bingo wings' exercises, sort out the shoes under the bed, chase the drain people to follow up when they are coming to sort out their mess, meet my personal goal of 4 gym visits and many many more things I can't recall right now.

So next weeks list has actually already been part written. I'm off to see Take That with the lovely Zee and KBW and hope to hit either The East Room or Milk & Honey after the gig if we have time. Also planning next day brunch already - thinking maybe The Diner - I know it won't be as good as The Grey Dog West Village NYC which is my all time favourite (& The Boys) but at least we can pretend.

Hoping to hear back about the job (it's will have been 2 weeks on Monday) that I want and to get a 2nd interview for the one I interviewed for on Friday - fingers crossed. If I hear nothing by Thursday I will go back to the agencies and look at lower (much lower) paid jobs as it will be better to be working than not working and a month off is really enough for me.

Still looking at the business opportunity in Scarborough - need to really get it all on paper and follow up with the current owner. So another reasonably busy week with a high spot in the middle.


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