Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Things are blooming

One good thing about being at home this month has meant that I have seen my work planting earlier this year come to fruition. The vegetable & salad plants are all coming along nicely but my pots and baskets are beautiful.

These have still got loads of flowers to come as have theses:

and then there is this one - it was at the front of the house for a while but I have moved it to the back as we rarely use the front door. There is a basket of geraniums at the front now which have yet to flower but hopefully will benefit from the sun spot that it is there. Anyway this is the one I moved to the back door:

My Cherry tree is looking good too - just hope that I get to them as the ripen before the birds do!

Felling less stompy today and more positive - something will go my way soon I just know it.

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