Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Is it me?

I didn't get the job - turns out that the Director invited two other people back for second interview with the Head of HR as she thinks they will get on better with her than I would. I am disappointed as this was not what I thought was going on - previous feedback had indicated that it was between me and one other.

I think the thing that is getting to me most is that this is the third time I have been told that I am technically competent but that I am not personally the right fit - it's really difficult not to take that personally. It's not about not having enough experience, or the wrong sort of experience; it's about having the wrong personality - well that's who I am so it is personal.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong; in 45 minutes individuals are deciding that I am the wrong 'cultural fit' or that someone wouldn't get on with me - what is it that I am doing in those 45 minutes that puts people off?

I am low, and know that I will start 2nd guessing myself. I have applied for three more jobs already this week so hopefully something will come from that - fingers crossed.

Going to try and keep positive - but right now it's tough.

Have been looking at flights to see M&D - under £60 return from Next Tuesday to Saturday, tempting; very very tempting!

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