Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fancy That

Well here I am experiencing the wonders of modern technology as I blog
from my iPhone using the train wireless whilst also listening to
Stevie Wonder on the iPhones iPod -proof it it were needed that the
iPhone is a female for only she could multitask this well!

So I am off to fancy London to see Take That with Zee and KBW. I'm
looking forward to seeing my friends and forgetting about the dullness
of my continuing job sear b for at lease 24 hours.

I am on the soon to be renamed National Express East Coast train. I
wonder why it is so difficult fir a train operating company to make a
success of this route. I mean it's a fab quick journey to London from
Doncaster - approx 1 hour & 40 mins. I can be at a meetin in Central
London from home less than 2.5 hours. But, and here's he rub it's
bloomin pricey. A same day purchase of a 1st class ticket is not much
lower than a ecomony flight to NYC, the trains are not clean and the
customer service patchy. From Leeds it's an additional 40 mins and
often the trains are delayed. They talk about decreasing passenger
numbers but every train I catch seems to be pretty full no matter what
time of day.

There are bargains to be had (for example todays journey is about £85
return as it's a non flexible advance. Cheaper than driving yes but
nowhere near as comfortable.

I feel for the staff - it only seems like 2 minutes since they
transferred from GNER to NEXC and here they go again - the unions have
to be careful what they say on one hand another change for the staff
is bad but a renationalised is exacy what they have been after for
years - so the union wins (or perceives they do) but what about the
individual? And where does this put other privatisation plans such as
the Royal Mail?

Anyway back to positives (and trivial matters) it is due to be
glorious, wine shall be drunk, song shall be sung and fun will be had.
Good friends, good weather & good times - huzzah.

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