Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Playing the game (well this game)

So I have an interview today for a role that I will not be put forward for with a chap that has cancelled meetings with me twice. But I will pull on my black shift dress and neutral 'not really there but takes a bloomin age' makeup and a confident smile and 'play the game'.

I know that I could do this job and that I would fit with the company culture but also know that my career history doesn't quite fit the mold and in the difficult economic climate people aren't up for taking chances but will play it safe and go for the person that ticks all the boxes. The person they put forward will do the job well and will be more than qualified - shame that person won't be me.

You know what though - I am not down about this I can play the game with the best of them and my time will come.

When we were growing up our parents instilled in us the belief that we could achieve anything, be anything if we worked hard and put our minds to it. Their unquestioning belief in us means that we both bounce back and keep going when things are tough. As long as we don't hurt anyone along the way; treat people fairly and be honest then good things will come.

So I won't get this job, but I'll be working again soon and something else will come up and life will be good.

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