Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Ladies what lunch

So I'm on my way to fancy London to meet some lovely ladies what
lunch. I call these wonderful people friends but have in reality only
met them in the flesh one or two times. These are my Internet
friends, people I have chatted to in chatrooms, on Facebook and
Twitter who have become part of my wider support network. When I am
having a bad day it is these ladies I turn to first for their words of
wisdom and insight.

They are kind, thoughtful, generous with their time, wise, patient,
funny and often say the one thing you would really like to but are
just too "British" to do so!

So I am really looking forward to a lovely lazy lunch with friends old
and new. I may only see some of them in the flesh once a year but know
that I will "see" them regularly on line. So chin chin, time to put my
lippy on and meet some great old friends.

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