Friday, 24 July 2009

Sorting stuff

So I am sorting out my office this week, two years of stuff has built up and it's a mess. However the first thing I found was my letters and cards from friends and family over the years and I immediately got side tracked. The letters are lovely, filled with love and memories. So much so I have decided to reproduce them here - it's going to take some time but will make me smile, and the authors (well some of them) can reread what they wrote.

So back to the office, it's a mix of personal admin, receipts, work/papers from previous clients and a bit of a dumping ground for things I haven't been able to throw away. I am going to have to be strong about this - if it's not been touched for 6 months it really should go in the bin/shredder.

I stopped off at Ikea on my way back from Liverpool yesterday and bought some 'storage solutions' - that's boxes to you and me; and earlier this week received a beautiful bouquet from Mum (below) so by the end of the day my office will be organised, and a place of joy to work in (pah).

Before and after photo's will follow........

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