Monday, 6 July 2009

Lovely weekend

View from South Cliff to the Castle in Scarborough 4.7.09

So I went with The Boy to Scarborough for the weekend. It was lovely - the weather was beautiful and we had a really relaxing time.

The Boy went for a run Saturday morning and I laid in bed and read my book; then we went for a pootle into town (which is when I took these photos) and we went to Mojo's for breakfast (nom nom nom) we then popped into Sydenham's to see the chaps there (The Boy used to work there when he lived in Scarborough) then into Dottie Lotties to see Sarah - she was looking fab after just coming back from a break in Tennerife.

We then walked down to the front, along the front to the Spa then up through the gardens back up to the top of South Cliff.

The afternoon was spent trying to find an afternoon tea with the MIL - Francis Tea Rooms had sold out of Scones by 2.45pm so we ended up in the Cafe at the top of Oliver's Mount. The food and service was not good but the view is great.

We then had a lovely relaxing evening slobbing out on the sofa watching The Soprano's on DVD. Back home Sunday am (after another run for The Boy and another book for me) in time to watch the epic Mens Final - wow I really feel for Andy Roddick but think the right man won.

So here we are Monday again - the start of another week of unemployment..........

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