Monday, 6 July 2009

Took That - Partied

So where are we - it's been a busy and good few days what with Take That, Punk, Wimbledon (on TV) and the coast so time to catch up - a series of blogs to get me up to date.

So last Wednesday I met with the lovely KBW for lunch pre-Take That, we went to Hush I had the Chicken Ceasar Salad and she had the Steak; we sat outside it was glorious and relaxing. Then off to Wembley to meet Zee and see Take That. We got there in time to see the end of the Support Act (James Morrison) and take in the vastness that is Wembley; it's HUGE

Take That were brilliant - I saw them with Utterlt Butterly at The City of Manchester Stadium when they first got back together a few years ago. This show was so much more and they were better (slicker) the circus theme was amazing - a great gig. I met some of Zee's friends who all seemed Lovely and really up for a fun night.

KBW and I snuck out before the end to get on the Tube back to town - this was a great plan as we got on the Tube very easily and got seats. Though this is when I realised that I was a little bit tipsy (I think this was apparent when I said to the line of British Transport Police - 'hurah it's the real police it's the BTP - hello boys fancy a party; thankfully they just smiled at me ....anyway they didn't arrest me!). So we went to town and went to the painfully cool Punk - lovely T was on the door so we got in nice and quickly. It was brilliant, we danced and sang for 3 hours with the most fabulous trannies and dandies - felt ridiculously underdressed with all those amazing people (wish I had photo's - next time I will dress more appropriately and take photo's). Both KBW and I had the best time, taxi back to Greenwich and so to bed.

The next day was rough - I had a hangover and it was so hot. The cheap pre-booked ticket I had was actually booked for the wrong day so I had to buy a new ticket BUT it was worth it.

Never Forget Where You're Coming From.

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