Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back to square one?

So a while back I noted that it looked like I had a job (here) well now that is looking less likely. The second job I interviewed for has gone to someone else (a interim who has dropped their day rate by 35% - I can't compete with that) and the fall back role may not now happen.

It the recession stupid! Well sort of, the parent company announced a major restructure of their corporate functions and as s result there may be a number of displaced HR professionals and they would like to (if they have the skills) offer them the work first. I get this - really I do; it's the right thing to do but - grrrrrrrr. I had to chase to find this out. I had taken myself out of the job market for 10 days (which I know doesn't sound much but when there aren't many jobs around it is) and had relaxed - silly silly me.

So I am back to square one, the job starting in the middle of August may still come off but it's a big MAY - and even if it does it would only be for 8 weeks and then I would be right back where I started. So I am applying for roles again and back out there. I have a meeting with an agency today - I don't think that they have any roles but it's all about marketing myself so that if they do get a role in they consider me.

Wish me luck - it's still tough out there and the summer is coming which is a difficult time to get work in normal economic circumstances so this year......gah!

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