Thursday, 30 July 2009

Happy Birthday darling

Well it's The Boys 40th birthday - he banned me from buying him any gifts until I have a job.

We were due to be in NYC this week, however after his being out of work for the first five months this year and my being out of work for the last two months it's been put on hold.

Not so much of a problem, we'll do it next year - he's refusing to accept that he's 40 anyway. It's funny my age really doesn't bother me (it's just a little number) but it really bothers him. I remember his 30th birthday - he was not happy about that number at all. But he seems to be coping quite well.

The spag bol is on (his request) the carrot cake is baked (though not sure how well) and the champagne is open and the sky is blue.

Happy Birthday lovely boy - I love you more, I love you first, I love you last - Wifey xxx

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