Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I would be so much lighter

If I lived on my own - okay I would probably get through a lot more wine but I have had a salad and need nothing else.

You see The Boy is a runner, he runs or goes to the gym 4 week nights and at least once at the weekends. He's also a proper Yorkshire man so likes Big Food (pasta, mash, big curries etc) - if it hasn't got a sauce then it's not a proper meal. Where as I am not a big sauce fan, I would always rather taste the food (nothing like a good piece of steak with perhaps a pile of greens) as long as it's seasoned and not over cooked I'm happy.

So since meeting and marrying him I have gained 60lbs, I am starting to lose it (after a few false starts) but it just crept up on me. I would plate up the same size meal as his (he doesn't cook and I blame his mother but that's a whole other rant) and tuck in (not much of an off button when I eat). You see I love food, and I love cooking so it's been a pleasure (ahem). When I say pleasure it has been a pleasure sometimes but often a chore.

So when he is away I eat less (drink more usually) and I'm not hungry, I'm satisfied and happy.

Right, while the cats away the mouse will eat less pour herself a glass of Pinot Grigio and have control of the remote - puurrrfect.

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