Sunday, 19 July 2009

Madness Part 2 (we went we skanked)

Well that was a bloomin marvelous weekend. We set off Saturday morning with the car loaded up with the new Aggrolites Album and The Liberty of Norton Folgate and headed down south to fancy London for the weekend.

The weather on the way down was frightening - we drove through (well I was driving) the most amazing storm and it felt like we were just driving through one big puddle for about 5 miles.

So we landed in Greenwich and had a quick change, waited for the weather to pass and headed off to Mile End and then up to Victoria Park, Hackney for Madstock. We arrived just in time to see The Aggrolites and the sun was shining - The Boy got his Fez as he missed out when we saw Madness at The O2 in December last year:

The drink of choice was Pear Cider for The Boy and Dry Cider for me (it seemed to go with the sunshine). We then watched Jerry Dammers and his orchestra whilst eating Pie & Chips (The Boy), Moroccan Lamb Kebab with salad (me). We then went for a bit of a wander round and The Boy discovered Churros & Chocolate - he was very happy about this:

All was going well:

The Blockheads came on (with some chap who sounded a lot like Joe Strummer but just not quite as good) - more cider was drunk, and then the heavens opened:

It eased off in time for The Pogues and was dry and fine again by the time Madness came on. They were brilliant (as per) and we danced and danced and danced. Managed to get the tube and bus back to Greenwich really easily and rested our feet.

So Saturday and The Boy had a shopping list - we did all the shops he wanted and managed a quick trip down Mount Street were I stopped in Louboutin and Marc Jacobs but kept my purse in my bag. Not so in Marc by Marc Jacobs where we both bought Tshirts and I bought a few pouch bags. Back to Greenwich and The Gypsy Moth for a pint of Hoegarden and a late lunch (Bangers & Mash - The Boy; Steak and salad - me). Back to the house to catch up with my brothers and rest for a few hours before heading up to Kings Cross and The Camden Centre to see Neville Staples, Pauline Black and The Beat (no photo's as I forgot to take any). We both said that we didn't think we would be dancing much but that didn't last very long. My perfect blowdry lasted about 30 mins before being scraped back into a pony tail to cope stop it sticking to my skin. Another great gig and a great crowd - strange venue but perfect location.

So now we are back in Yorkshire, washing is in, courgettes have been inspected, Ocado order has been updated and our excellent weekend draws to a close. My feet hurt, my thighs ache, I may have pulled my left calf muscle a bit and I'm dog tired but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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