Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Sunday

So here we are again the end of another week that just seems to have merged into the last few weeks. I have achieved very little again but feel the need to list what I may have achieved in the hope that it will make me feel better:

I met with a recruitment consultant which resulted in

An interview for an interim role (that may or may not exist)

Had an eye test and am only partially more blind than last year

commenced operation office sort out (on 6th bin bag and having to give shredder a rest)

started a 2nd blog (here)

went to the gym (once- not good)

bought new bike helmet (oh and a new bag which I don't really need and regret purchasing as it's another £40 but wanted and have no self control good job I live in BFN otherwise I would shop everyday - good job I am too lazy to go out to the shops in the nearest town......)

commenced knitting again (an effort to not snack on crap whilst watching crap on TV)

retreated further into my self as the despair of not having a job sets in and the realisation that I really need an income as I don't want to tap into the reserves/savings although isn't this why we have savings and reserves for this very 'rainy day scenario' - why when The Boy was out of work we didn't tap into the reserves is because I paid for everything which in turn depleted my pre-savings reserves which have kept me going for a few months but will need to be supplemented - GAH, I need to work not just for money but for me, I am bored and boring and lazy. Having nothing to do just magnifies this laziness, at least when I am working I can be lazy at home as I have been working hard - now I have nothing to hide behind my procrastination and general lazy sluttishness is laid bare for all (well The Boy) to see......feck.

So next week it's The Boys 40th, I am planning to finish the office sort out and then move on to the spare room (Parents have indicated that they may be coming to visit in a few weeks and this will require a bed for them - which is currently covered in overflowing from wardrobe clothes, bags and bedding). I will bake a chocolate fudge cake and a carrot cake; I will go to the gym 3 times; I will get a fecking job - enough of this rejection ENOUGH.

Today will be mostly cooking and eating with a soup├žon of ironing thrown in for good measure (just because my weekend and week days merge into one long blur of time some things should stick to Sunday).

Blimey I am a miserable, feel sorry for myself, oh woe is me, lonely pity party aren't I? Feck it, today will be lovely and tomorrow I will start a fresh, chose my attitude and JFDI.

There that feels better.

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