Friday, 10 July 2009


Here is a picture of Princess, went for a nice little pootle on her today - just wish I didn't live the at the top of a hill.

Blogger supreme LibertyLondonGirl called her an Object of Beauty (well not Princess herself but one of her sisters) here.

I love her, she makes me smile whilst helping to reduce my thighs! I always loved going out on my bike when I was growing up - I remember cycling into the town centre to buy Rubbers for my collection (thats erasers for you dirty of mind - they were still called rubbers without any innuendo when I was young). I had a champagne girls raleigh racer - I can still remember the Christmas I got it, it was hidden in the downstairs toilet, I was so very very excited.

We didn't wear helmets then, and in the village-y-town we lived in then you didn't have to lock your bike. I rode my bike with pride.

Other bike memories from growing up are:

- our local policeman was called PC Grey, he went everywhere on his bike, always a smile, always out and about , always instilling fear that if you were up to something you shouldn't be he would tell your Mum.

- I had a party for my 16th birthday, M&D left us to it (my Big Brother was in charge) and went to Aunty Hazel's for a night of Canasta and wine. So when Steven Chiltern jumped down the stairs and landed on Francis Binns and put his front teeth through his lower lip (gross) my parents had to rush home. Well they'd been drinking so Aunty Hazel suggested that she and Mum came back on bikes. Mum managed really well until she was about half a mile from home and remembered that she had never learned to ride a bike and promptly fell off - she has a scar to this day.

So Princess and sunshine go together really well the only problem is that when I am coming down hills I want to stick my feet out and shout Up Yer Bum in a Wish You Were Here, Emily LLoyd style.

6.30pm on Friday - time to welcome in Messers P&G; chin chin bloggosphere.

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