Friday, 19 June 2009

It's Not a No.....

Update from the Interview on Monday. Well I assumed that as I had
heard nothing it was a negative response - well guess what I was
wrong! It's not a no - that's a bit like 'I don't not like it' but
that's a whole other story - but it's not a yes either.

So it's between me and one other candidate. Apparently I would
nurture and get along with the team; they would like me and work with
me and know that I would be their Champion. The other candidate would
be more removed from the team - they may not like here but would
eventually get the work done the right way. So the recruiting
Director has a decision to make me - the fluffy one or her - the (I
don't want to call her anything nasty I don't know her so this is just
what I have been told) more stern one.

The funny thing is I have never been called fluffy or that I might be
too nice - usually I am too tough or to straightforward. This is the
second time in as many weeks that I have had feedback that I am
potentially not hard enough for the role - me....... Pah! When I told
The Boy this he laughed - we met through work and work in the same
field - when people compare us he is always the nice, fluffy one and I
am the 'hard faced' one. Obviously these years of contracting have
mellowed me!

So unlikely to hear before the weekend but feel less negative now -
there's a 50/50 chance that I will be back in employment soon! Huzzah.

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