Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Pocket Rocket Gardener

Hurrah - my patio garden from arrived
yesterday afternoon and I am going to spend my morning planting up.
The patio garden contains the following plants:

Runner Beans
Dwarf French Beans
Rainbow Chard
MIxed Lettuce

I'm a little concerned that I don't have enough pots but I am silly
excited about the thoughts of growing my own food.

We didn't really grow our own food when we were growing up, by the
time I was 19 I have lived in 9 houses so I suppose we were never
settled anywhere enough to develop a plot. I remember strawberries
from the garden and popping over to the field behind the house to pick
blackberries. I also have a vague memory of my grandparents having
gooseberries when they lived in Aborfield. I remember pick you own
trips with my skinny minnie mum in the late 70s - with her amazing hair.

As well as getting this garden for myself I bought one for my brothers
and a Children's Garden for KBWs Cheeky Monkeys - apparently I now
also have to buy KBW a manicure (don't think she was too impressed by
my suggestion to 'just wear gloves'). So in the garden in the sun
(hopefully) all morning - trying to take my mind off the call I am
waiting for about the interview on Monday (fingers crossed). Then to
the gym then home to tackle the ironing mountain.

Today I am also reading this fashion gets sensible

and cooing over these


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