Tuesday, 23 June 2009

We're going on a job hunt

Well it feels like a bear hunt the luck I am having at the moment. So
today I am off to Manchester to meet with two agencies in the hope
that they will be able to place me.

Still haven't heard about the interview last Monday, or come to think
of it the one the Thursday before that - now that's just rude!

So today I need to replace procrastinator me with acheiver me need to
finish an application this morning then to the gym, then drive over to
civilisation for the first meeting then to the second. The a stop off
at The Trafford Centre on the way back to immerse myself in the joy
that is John Lewis, Selfridges & Carluccios before coming back to
oblivion (you townies will think it strange but John Lewis is my idea of meditation).

Today is going to be a good day, I shall wear my new shoes to put a
literal sping in my step.


EDIT - gah just had a call my first meeting in Manchester has been cancelled so - change of plan may have to hit the shops before the second meeting, ah well - coffee then gym.

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