Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sorting through my excess

So I can avoid it no longer - I have to sort through my clothes
mountain on the spare bed; my shoe jumble under the bed and my handbag
grain's a picture of my past excesses. I tried to take
some photo's to post but can't get a true picture of the mess. However this isn't far off:

It's come to a head for a few reasons. Firstly, if I get this job I
will be away during the week again for the next 6 months and that
means getting more organised with my wardrobe and accessories and as I
loose weight I want to be able to wear the clothes that I am beginning
to fit back into. The second reason is the row that I had with The
Boy last night over my slattern tendencies it went along the lines of
'for christ's sake Wife when are you going to clean up this f'ing mess
- you've been sat on your arse all day for a week now and you can't
even put your clothes away' to which I replied 'how dare you - you
were at home for five f'ing months and what exactly did you do with
you time? What did you achieve in that time?' closely followed by '
when you learn to cook and iron then you have the right to say
something to me about the mess but until then you can just f off'.
See a nice grown up sensible discussion!

Anyway the shame is too much so I will have to get on with it. The
petulant part of me doesn't want to do it today - as then The Boy will
think he has won and that it is a direct result of his comments
yesterday. But I should do it now whilst I have the inclination
otherwise I'll be sat here again in the middle of next week bemoaning
my procrastination. It's tough being a lazy slut!

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