Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sofa surfing

So I have been out of work for two and a half weeks now. I have met and spoken with more than 10 recruiters and have had two interviews. I know that something will come up but I am starting to get a little worried.

Yesterday was a bad day; I was feeling really sorry for myself and as a result spent the day on the sofa surfing the internet and watching rubbish TV. So I am up to date with Twitter, have an all time high score on Bejewelled Blitz and have found a pair of shoes I really want to buy.

However, until I have work any retail therapy will have to wait. Then to top it all I didn't get paid - thankfully I have savings to see me through for a bit but not getting paid is a bit of a blow. Have sent chasing emails so will have to wait and see. Not the end of the world though as if they pay me next month I may not feel this break in work so much in my pocket.

So why am I not getting work - partly because there are so many good candidates out there and partly because I fall between the operational/strategic gap: not enough strategy - too senior for just operations. I just need someone to take a gamble on me.

So today is a new day - new start. Start of my new blog; back to the gym (10lbs down so far another 60lbs to go); going to get hair and makeup sorted and no more feeling sorry for myself.

Right - onwards.


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