Friday, 26 June 2009

Sleeping like Starfish

I slept so well, starfished shape; no fighting for the duvet and no huffing. Aaaaahhhh it was lovely.

So telephone interview for a local job at 9am - the interview went ok but I may have talked myself out of the job a little as I told him that I felt he may need a bigger hitter than me in the long run. I gave good interview otherwise - I know I could do the job even though much of it would be a challenge. It would be very Union focused and that is pretty much about playing poker and using common sense. So I should find out if I have been shortlisted later today - we'll see.

Had a call from another agent just keeping in touch - not much doing there at the moment but he's following a few things up.

Still haven't heard a definitive answer about the role I interviewed for two weeks ago - last I heard was that she wanted her preferred candidate to meet her number 2 but that was first thing Wednesday and I have heard nothing since so am assuming (dangerous I know) that they are meeting with the other person and will only meet with me if that doesn't work out. It's just so freaking frustrating - if it's a no just tell me.

I have been out of work for a month now - I am frustrated beyond belief and more practically my bank balance can only manage two more months out of work (at a stretch). So Monday will be invoice and any outstanding expenses day - rock and roll baby!

The Boy is back from Glasgow tonight and I am picking him up from the airport at 7.30ish then he is off to the coast for the weekend early Saturday morning and walking from Whitby to Scarborough Saturday he'll be back Sunday sometime. Unfortunately KBW, CP and Lady P have other plans this weekend (Happy Birthday Lady P) so I am home alone. If I was working normally I would be looking forward to it - planning my food and my bath, getting in the girly DVDs but this time I think I may be counting the hours.....poor me (snap out of it woman ffs).

Gah - I am pathetic, time to suck it up and sort it out.

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