Sunday, 21 June 2009


So I was due to go to a spinning class at 10am this morning but conveniently didn't get up in time. I had an internal dialogue that went along the lines of:

I'll get up in 5 mins and that will give me enough time to wake up properly and stretch before going to the gym. Wish I could just go to the gym and not go to spinning - I don't like spinning I am too fat and it hurts my bum. Well maybe if I just go to the gym then I can start spinning when I have lost some more weight so it doesn't hurt my bum so much and isn't so hard on my knees. Well if I am just going to go to the gym I may as well have another 20 mins in bed and go later and then have a latte and read the papers with The Boy and go at lunch time.

So here I am - not yet at the gym, not been to spinning and a bit miffed with myself for talking myself out of it. Off to the gym around 12ish when all the milk from the latte stops swilling about inside.

To top it off have been gardening with The Boy (front hedge and lawn trimmed, back lawn in progress) and am now sneezing like a goodun!

Ah well the joys of English summer.

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