Thursday, 25 June 2009

While the Cats away

I dropped The Boy at the airport at some ungodly hour this morning to catch a flight to Glasgow for a few days. Then I went over to Scarborough to have a look at the MILs new netbook (she's 79, didn't even know how to turn it on....I managed to bite my tongue).

So I am back home (Via the Outlet in York where I picked up a nice new hat for £5) and The Boy is away and I am very very tired. Considering slipping into my PJs and parking myself in front of the tennis for a few hours.

The Boy rarely goes away and usually I relish the opportunity of having the house to myself - but as I have been at home for nearly a month now out of work it's not such a treat. It's bad enough having no one to talk to during the day and I have been cleaning the team vaughan way so not much there to do.

Ah well, a bottle of wine, a bar a dairy milk and tennis - it's not all bad.

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