Friday, 19 June 2009

I miss my Girlfriends

It's simple really I miss my friends. I can't watch the Sex in The
City (SOTC) film in one go as it makes me miss them more. I miss the
closeness and reliability of Sisters; the honesty and unquestioning
support. We have known each other since school and been close for a
long time; seen each other through first times, first loves, break
ups, make ups, never should have been there, childbirth, miscarriage,
mistakes, happy mistakes, wedding, funerals, good and bad times.

We don't all live in the same City anymore. Lady P is in Devon by the
sea with her beautiful little girls being a lovely Mother and Wife;
KBW moved out of London to the country in Oxfordshire and is slowly
going mad; Only CP is in London still living the fabulous life of a 30
something city girl - financially independent, knows where all the
best parties are but really just wants to meet 'the one' and be like
Lady P (though in London near the hub). Then there's me, moved North
many years ago married to a lovely kind man (The Boy) who knows I miss
my friends but doesn't quiet get it.

Like many other girls I am sure we have compared ourselves to the
girls of SOTC interestingly we usually agree where we sit so here goes:

Lady P is Charlotte - a little prim, easily shocked with a heart of gold

KBW is Samantha - gorgeous, sassy but missing being at Home

CP is Carrie - cooky, fun, creative but actually just wants to be loved

and that makes me Miranda - stuck in Brooklyn with a man I love in a
relationship that's not always perfect but definitely worth fighting

We compliment each other and sometimes we clash but mostly we fit. I
know that they are only at the end of a the phone but it's not the
same. Had a lovely chat with KBW yesterday whilst watching Ascot -
reminded me of when we used to see each other all day and then go home
and speak to each other on the phone whilst watching Dynasty then Come
Dancing to talk about what everyone was wearing - my Dad really didn't
get it but Mum did; must be a girl thing.

I read Liberty London Girl's blog about receiving Letters
and know that I too am lucky to have a box full of letters, cards
and postcards from my friends which I treasure - just sometimes I need
the real thing.

Oh this has become a bit of a feeling sorry for myself post - time to
snap out of it. Meeting The Boy for lunch today so spit spot this
morning - onwards.


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