Sunday, 13 December 2009

Another week of arse/elbow confusion

After a week where I was all over and then came down with a nasty cold bug I would have liked a week at home to actually get some work done a prepare for Christmas but no.  It's going to be another week of to-ing and fro-ing around the country n my tour of spreading bad news.  I hate making people redundant in boom times but right now and just before Christmas really really sucks.

Today I have a little bit of respite as The Boy has gone to the gym so I am taking a break from ironing and other chores to watch Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince and write some Christmas cards.  At some point I will also have a bumper Advent Calendar session as I last posted (opened) on here on the 7th so quite a bit of catching up to do.

The next 10 days look like this:
Tonight - cinema
Monday - London then back north & cinema
Tuesday -  Birmingham then SB over
Wednesday - Newcastle
Thursday - Manchester, taxi the boy at Christmas Party
Friday - WFH, catch up, taxi the boy to and from Christmas Drinks
Saturday - Football, Scarborough
Sunday - Christmas Tea & drinks with MIL and neighbours in Scarborough
Monday - WFH, Taxi boy to and from Christmas Drinks (AGAIN)
Tuesday - London - try to see CP to swap gifts (shoot must buy and wrap gifts)
Wednesday - London - BUT what timeis Ocado coming with my shopping - darn it have fracked up........

Busy busy busy - no idea when we will now get the tree up or even if we will as The Boy is a Grinch and I may go on strike. May just have to do with a picture of last years - 

In all of this I must also look for another job as I have no work in the New Year and bills to pay - GAH.

Ah well - ho ho ho and all that.

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