Monday, 21 December 2009

Last Christmas........

I wrote this yesterday but didn't post it for some reason......

As I sit here in three layers of clothing hoping that The Boy gets back downstairs and clears the fire out and get's it going again, with the outside temperature at a bracing -6 degrees and snow and ice all around I can't help but think about what we did Last year.

Up until last year we have always spent Christmas with my family Christmas Day at one house, Boxing day at another.  Full Family Christmas with Champagne, presents, late lunches, wine, games, sleeping on the sofa and (more recently) Dr Who.  Unfortunately, Gramps passed away last year so Christmas was never going to be the same.  M&D were in the process of selling their house and moving to France, Brothers were settled in Greenwich and me & The Boy were knackered after a full on year and his work was a nightmare.

When Gramps died he left a bit of money for us all and with my share I decided to buy a fancy watch (I wanted something that would last forever but would be something I would use all the time to remind me of him and keep him near) and take The Boy on a brilliant holiday.  So after a bit of a play around we decided to go back to Mexico, for a completely relaxing sun break and to come back Via New York for a quick shopping trip.

I booked with Trail Finders and we flew Upper Class with Virgin from Heathrow to JFK then down to Cancun.  The Upper Class lounge was fab as was the flight - but that's a whole other post and as it was before I was doing this I have no pictures.

We stayed at The Royal Cancun again - we had been there 18 months previously and decided to go back there as we wanted to not have to think.  To be honest we could have been anywhere but it's a lovely hotel with about 280 rooms, five restaurants, 3 bars, beach butlers, spa & gym, all inclusive heaven.

The rooms are a great size with massive beds

This was our room from the first visit in 2007

Each room has a jacuzzi in it

Which looks out over the balcony

Days were spent lazing around by the beach or the pool

Looking at the pictures I can almost feel the heat.   Each day was spent lazing around and we went to the hotel gala dinner on NYE, which was surprisingly good fun.

After a difficult year it would be wonderful to be there again but instead we will be home then off to France to see M&D (if Eurostar has defrosted in time - fingers crossed) so a different style of family Christmas and I can't wait.


  1. I think the watch was a great way of rembering your Gramps. Looks like you had a great time last year and I am sure this year will be just as good. Have a great time xx

  2. I know the feeling: two Easters ago my Grandad died and then my Nanna went to live with my aunt. (even weirder because my grandparents lived only 3 mins walk away from us). So last Christmas was really quiet, but this year my sister is engaged so we're not even getting a visit off her! I think it will feel a little odd.

    A watch is a nice way to remember him. :) And that holiday looks divine- if only it was half so warm right now!

    Florrie x



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