Wednesday, 23 December 2009

We are the fortunate ones

the Brothers Christmas 07

It all got a bit fractious yesterday with The Brothers plans for Christmas thrown into chaos by the Eurostar debacle and M&D trying not to put any pressure on them or to be too disappointed that the boys may not make it to France for Christmas.  There was a lot of phone calls, text and twitter watch to see whether the boys had a chance of getting there. The upshot is they are in a queue at St Pancras as I type hoping to get on a train this morning so they can get their connection South.

At some point during all the chaos Mum and I had a conversation that made us both stop and think.  We were watching the news (in our different houses in different countries) and a report came on showing the coffins returning to Wootton Bassett of soldiers who had been killed in action.  It's so very very sad and gets me every time.  Mum said - 'oh I'm being so silly and selfish at least I know where my children are and that they are safe, the mum's of all these soldiers would love to be so lucky'.

We are the fortunate ones, we are safe and healthy and okay; so our celebrations may be delayed due to train chaos but we will be together and we know where each of us are.

I know that this time of year it seems that Charities are all asking for your support, if you do have some pennies to spare then please consider this fantastic charity - it's not about supporting or agreeing with the War it's about supporting those serving.  Help for Heroes.

In the meantime my thoughts are with the families of the fallen, We Will Remember.


  1. You're so right. Here we are, moaning about traffic jams and having to wear thick socks and sweaters indoors. We're so so lucky!

    Have twice been in London in weeks before Christmas together with son and his friends. In this freezing cold I give even more than usual to the beggars around Waterloo and in Oxford Street etc. Both times was asked by accompanying children why I gave money to these people? Happily my son wasn't late to lecture them of the nastiness of sleeping rough in subzero temperatures and not always have money for food or even to go to the toilet. Was proud of son but embarrassed for the other children's parents!

  2. You're so right. When you hear about death and destruction at this time of year it always seems more painful somehow. Not that it should really as to those involved, nothing would be more painful. I feel lucky I have my loved ones too. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas xx



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