Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Scary Psycho Duck

I have a stream at the end of my garden - it's lovely and peaceful and beautiful.

I also have a very very angry duck - he doesn't eat the bread I put out and often comes up towards the house and quacks aggressively at me (yes honestly).

So today I decided to come home to take a late call with colleagues in the US - whilst I was on the phone pottering around the house I opened the back door and went back through to the front of the house.

I was in the front room when something caught my eye - it was only the bloody duck waddling across the conservatory.  He was ok - then realised that the windows were not open and started to panic and get angry.  He threw himself at the windows, and shouted and shouted.  Eventually I worked up the nerve to walk out of the door (hope the silly thing would follow me or at least see me).  When I got out his Missus was out there quacking away (this should be sweet but just added to my fear).

Eventually he got out - then proceeded to stare at me quacking......I managed to run past and get back in the house and lock up.  I don't have a great track record with ducks (ask KBW about Paris when we were 18) and this one had already made me wary.

Glad he's out and ok - but blimey I'm all a fluster.

Silly PCB - I know!

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