Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dear 2013

New Years Day. I'm full of aches & hot & cold & yuck.

It's been an, erm, interesting holiday season. Some kind words spoken and true friends realised and some vicious true feelings shown.

In 2013 I'm going to Do More Of What Makes Me Happy - try not to worry too much about what others think and just tread the path of least destruction.

I don't want to hurt anyone, or be selfish, but do want to be kind to myself and allow it to be about me.

So 2013 resolutions - not about giving anything up, or not doing anything but about doing more.

So more fun, more ink, more of what makes me happy.

2012 ended well with the addition of a new tattoo - in 2013 I will be the wonder that keeps the stars apart.

Happy New Year xx

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