Friday, 16 August 2013

A hot mess

I'm so tired. Having spent about 15 months in a role with minimal pressure and low morale I've moved to a role where I am taxed, busy and a bit frightened. My boss says she tinkers on the edge of irritability at all times and that works for her - right now I'm on the edge of fear. 

Fear of being good enough, fear of meeting expectations, fear of hitting/missing deadlines, fear of being discovered as a fraud. 

It's brilliant to be busy and to be in a role that's challenging me daily but boy I'm exhausted by it.  Both mentally and physically.   It's turned me. But upside down. 

I'm also having a bit of a wardrobe nightmare - weight has crept up again, nothing fits, everything I put on just looks a bit of a mess. The outside is reflecting the inside. 

So I'll get through today. Get some good 'stuff' done then need to use this weekend to get organised. 

Boy!  To make myself feel better here I am last weekend not looking awful at the wedding of some lovely friends:

Going to try and channel her and ignore the messy hair, too much cleavage, slightly too tight hot mess I am today!

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