Friday, 11 September 2009

Finding my inner domestic goddess

So I got a new sewing machine and decided to go for it I've been knitting again since the beginning of the year and wanted to do something else. I have never been what you could call creative being more of a practical sort but recently have wanted to create something.

So after knitting a few scarves (mothers day gifts and my first darn awful attempt for the lovely JD) I decided to sew a dress. I got the pattern from Ebay, it's an original 1950s one. Got my material from the only material shop in Leeds that I knew and set about making. You know what for the first dress I have ever made it's not too bad, I even sewed in a side zip:

It's purple linen, took about 6 hours total and whilst not perfect it fits and I felt pretty proud of myself.

So I decided to make another dress. This time a new pattern and in red linen:

I had to adapt the pattern slightly to fit but again it fits perfectly (both bust and hips) and makes me very happy. If I am honest I have a little bit of finishing to do on it, and with hindsight wish I had lined it (though I still could line it I suppose) but all in all a very good second project.

So what was next, well I went on a trip to John Lewis in Sheffield and treated myself to some lovely materials to make some gifts (yes friends you will be receiving some homemade Christmas gifts this year - apologies) and some suiting material to attempt to make a shift dress for work.

Then I decided I wanted to make a patchwork quilt. We were in Scarborough and nipped in to the lovely Bespoke Country on Bar Street and I picked up some fat quarters of homespun fabric; ordered a large piece and some wadding on line and made this:

So what do you think? Next I will be starting on the aforementioned gifts and my work this space.

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