Saturday, 30 October 2010


We are in Scarborough this weekend.  The Boy is running the Scarborough 10k in the morning and today we are doing our duty and spending time with my MIL.

I find this very very hard.  She is not a pleasant woman, is racist, homophobic, sexist and you can't just put it all down to her age (she's 80).  I spend my time biting my tongue, trying not to respond to her comments, trying to be patient.

She's also getting a bit deaf, so mishears (when she chooses) or ignores completely.  And the third and final thing is she really really smells - not over perfumed smell but dirty clothes, unwashed smell.  The Boy has little sense of smell; I unfortunately do not and have to overcompensate with my own perfume.

For years I have tried to build a relationship, take interest in her health, her friends, her life but nothing - there is no warmth there, no sense of family, we do not belong to each other.  She has an interesting relationship with The Boy.  I am so very close to my parents that I just can't fathom their relationship - or non relationship more describes it.

So we would be here even if he was not running out of a sense of duty.  At least the view is good.

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  1. Oh dear doesn't sound good, poor you, thank god for the view!



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