Monday, 12 November 2012

Countdown (16 days to go)

Yep only 16 days until I turn 40.....gulp.

I thought it didn't bother me, that it was just a number.  However my refusal to organise anything to celebrate and my avoidance of the facts probably should have given me a sign sooner that it does mean something....

So I have drinks organised post work - a little bit of a cop out; do it on a school night so that no one wants to stay out too late or get too lairy etc.

However, I tried on some clothes on Saturday and couldn't fit into anything so I am on a low carb diet for the next 2 weeks in an effort to at least fit into something for my birthday week that doesn't have an elasticated waist!

I am tracking my food intake over here on You Ate How Much? if you want to see my progress (hopefully). I'm hoping that writing it down will make it all very very real.

So I'm off to have a peppermint tea (oh joy).

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