Monday, 14 October 2013

Making Space

I'm a terrible hoarder - I have so much stuff.  I don't need it all and it's sometimes suffocating.  So it's time to make some space - not for new stuff but for me to breath.

I moved in here just over a year ago and thats was when I got my storage locker, I have a house full to bursting with stuff I don't use or touch and a locker doing the same.  Its a waste of space and time and makes me feel tense.

I'm not talking about the fabric and baskets I have for my sewing and crafting things - no its more about pieces of paper, things I might need 'one day' - no idea when this one day might be.  I mean if I haven't needed it for a year will I really need it in the next?

So it's time to make space.  I'm starting by moving my king size spare bed into storage (not the mattress that's going to the tip - rubbish back aching temporary cheap at the time buy!) and being replaced by a day bed and trundle.  It will get back a lot of floor space but also won't have this big flat surface to dump stuff on - something I'm particularly adept at.

I'm also going to empty the magic basket of toiletries and makeup - i use limited products and usually the same few the rest as just sat there gathering dust.  I don't need them, use them or if I'm honest want them.  Time to get out the black sacks and make space.

I think what has brought this on has been my working at home the last few weeks on and off.  I have a good work space - an old pine kitchen table that I share with my sewing machine, overlocker and a few bits.  Plenty of room to spread out and work but the rest of the room is surrounded by stuff.

I need to make a deal with myself - not to replace the stuff with more stuff - to remember the feeling now when I am full to bursting and the need for room to think and breath.

Making space not just physically but mentally by letting stuff go.


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